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The Voice of Advocacy for Women in Westchester

WWA is the leading advocacy group working to improve the lives of women in Westchester County by advancing racial, economic, and social equity and justice for all. Join a diverse, non-partisan group of nonprofit organizations and individuals united to advocate for change so that women, and those who identify as women, can thrive.

AUGUST Monthly Meeting via Zoom
Friday, AUGUST 2,
 2024    8:30AM - 10:00AM
The next meeting will be here before we know it!  Click here to register: WWA August Monthly Meeting - 8/2/2024. And while you're at it, register a friend too! All meetings are open to the public.    

Support the NY Equal Rights Amendment


The website for New Yorkers for Equal Rights has details about the campaign, training, donating, and volunteer opportunities. The campaign hosts biweekly campaign update calls on Fridays at 1 p.m. To sign up for those calls, subscribe for updates, and you’ll receive an invitation to join the Friday calls. Learn More Here.

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Join over 40 Organizations and 100 Individual Members United To Make A Difference 

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